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Residential Aged Care Facilities and Home Residential Care in Ballarat

Canadian Pines is not your typical retirement village in Ballarat, Victoria. Nor is it aged care facilities. It recognises your desire for independence in your retirement home, with on-site support available when you need it.

Yet it has taken the best of both worlds and created something fresh and new in aged care facilities, never before seen in Ballarat, Victoria.


Gracious Assisted Living Community Amenities:

  • Movie room with Foxtel
  • Library with internet access
  • Community dining area with kitchen and bar, ideal for those family visits
  • Mail and newspaper delivery
  • Allocated, undercover parking
  • Activities Room with pool table and piano
  • Garden courtyard for those picnic days
  • "Porte cochere" covered entry for passenger drop-off
  • LCD security for visitors
  • Small pets welcome
  • Some units with beautiful back yards

Personal Care Amenities:

  • One bedroom, two bedrooms and two bedrooms with study
  • All with decks
  • Some with backyards
  • 24-hour emergency call buttons available
  • Car parking for each apartment

Independent Home Residential Rare With Personal Service. If You Need It or When You Need It. Pay for Only What You Need.

  • Full meal package options available
  • All day coffee shop
  • Emergency Call Buttons in each apartment
  • Packages designed for Personal Care on a pay-as-needed basis
  • True Aging-in-place principles
  • Directly connected by walkway to Home Residential Care Aged Care facility
  • Priority entry to above aged care facility if required

We believe that Canadian Pines in Ballarat is so much more than bricks and mortar - it's a place to enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals, friends, sitting on deck or garden, or a quiet evening with family. It's where you always feel comfortable, safe, and secure.

We provide access to health and personal care services in an environment that promotes independence and privacy.

Canadian Pines home care offers seniors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living in a community environment while maintaining independence and privacy. We offer a full complement of amenities and services including private apartments with convenient full kitchens and spacious bathrooms, housekeeping and maintenance services.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of activities, including activities room with pool table and piano, seasonal and holiday celebrations, in-house movies, group outings and transportation for appointments and shopping.

Our onsite home help professionals are available to assist residents in the event of an emergency.

Make the move before a crisis.

The biggest misconception about when you move is the idea that you will “feel right” when the time comes. People who spend their days waiting to “feel right” often say later that they waited far too long and missed out on too many opportunities to enjoy their life and end up in a nursing home which may be a long way from home, depending on waiting lists at the time.

To time your move, take stock of your current situation and then decide if a change of address can offer a better way forward. Consider carefully how much time you think you might have, and how much of it you are willing to waste waiting to “feel right.” But also think about your safety and the help available to you at the right time.

You should also consider the feedback and comments from friends and family. Have people in your life expressed concern about your living situation? Have you noticed a change in the nature of your visits with those special to you? If social visits have become “chore time” for those who come to see you, you might want to consider a different situation.

Right now, your current situation is your decision. When the decision is made for you — because of a health crisis or because your loved ones and carers are exhausted — your options are then very limited. 

Incorporating an integrated approach to wellness for the mind, body and spirit.

Helping make the decision.

Caring for a loved one is an admirable undertaking. Many families take pride in their ability to care for their own, and we support this wholeheartedly. However, the demands of life and the severity of needs can create incredible strain. Assisted Living is a way to gain some much-needed support for your loved one and to allow you to concentrate on enjoying your relationship and living your life, too.

If you are helping a loved one decide when to move, it is incredibly important to communicate your love and concern for making an informed and considered decision. If you have been providing home care you should help your loved one understand that a move doesn’t mean abandonment. For many, the move to Assisted Living tends to strengthen relationships that have been strained by the needs of one party.

Remember that Assisted Living is not the loss of independent life. It is a decision that could actually increase freedom in everyday life. An Assisted Living community is not a nursing home. It is a place for people to thrive and be successful and independent in their daily life.

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